Monday, 15 December 2014

How uPVC Windows Can Benefit Your Home

uPVC windows
Did you know that over 90% of windows installed in the UK use uPVC? There are some great reasons why. 

With energy prices increasing every day, British heating bills are getting higher and higher. It’s no wonder that people are turning to uPVC as a way of reducing their spending. Thanks to its brilliant thermal performance and long-lasting endurance, uPVC is an excellent choice for window frames and is one of the best long term investments you can make for your home. But what exactly are the benefits of installing windows that use this material?

Improved heat retention

uPVC is an excellent insulator, making it the optimum choice for decreasing the amount of heat loss from your home. All of our uPVC windows at We-Fit UK have an A or B grade energy rating; one of the highest insulation credentials available. Our windows are also equipped with Internal Glazing Beads for further heat retention. Each window is constructed to BS 6375 weather tightness standard; offering a promise of low air permeability, outstanding water tightness and resistance to wind loads. In addition, our glass units are argon-filled, which provides superior insulation to regular double-glazing. With uPVC windows, your home will stay warm and dry with minimum drafts.

Added security

When it comes to protecting your home, you need strength and resilience. The “u” in uPVC stands for “unplasticised”. Unlike PVC frames, uPVC is free of plasticiser chemicals; a set of compounds that was introduced to normal PVC to make it softer and more malleable. The result is a tougher material that produces more robust frames. Proven to be tough on impact, this material is difficult to damage. Our windows offer even stronger protection, as each profile is reinforced using galvanised steel and heat welded corners. By installing our uPVC windows, you can rest easy knowing that your home has staunch protection against break-ins from unwanted visitors.

A long-lasting investment

uPVC is an incredibly durable material that has been used for over half a century. Most uPVC windows that were installed 25 years ago are still in use today. Resistant to corrosion, uPVC is ideal for homes in tough weather environments such as coastal regions. They also require very little maintenance. Unlike wooden frames, they don't need any extra treatments such as varnish or glaze to keep them in top condition. Installing uPVC windows means an effortless and reliable long term home investment.

Increase the value of your home

The uPVC windows are great value for money and will cost you less than installing wooden or aluminium frames. With a modern and desirable appearance, they add an attractive selling point to your home. Double-glazed options can decrease external noise pollution by up to 70%, making homes near roads or busy public areas more appealing to buyers.

Here at We-Fit Birmingham, we have a fantastic range of uPVC windows that can reduce your energy expenditure and improve the security of your home. Our uPVC windows are manufactured to the highest European Standards, guaranteeing you great quality and consistency.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Why Should You Choose Composite Doors For Your Property?

If you are looking to update the exterior doors of your home or property, there are many things to consider and of course, there are many different styles of door to consider. Until you get around to choosing new doors, it may not even have occurred to you just how many choices there are to be made. So what type of door do you want for your home.

uPVC doors are extremely common in the UK and are relatively cheap compared to other styles of door, however, they are still available in many different styles, finishes and colours to suit your individual taste. uPVC doors can be tailored specifically to your home by means of adding different styles of glass panels and windows, as well as a vast choice of furnishings, such as door handles, knockers and letterboxes.

Timber doors have been used for thousands of years and have many benefits, not to mention, adding considerable traditional charm. If looked after properly, timber doors are expected to last for tens of years, depending on the location of your home, and how regularly the wood is treated and varnished. In addition to longevity, timber doors can also be easily repaired, and act as the best natural insulator, helping to keep heat indoors in the colder months, and can be painted or stained any colour of your choice.

For a modern door that also adds a more traditional charm more commonly linked to a timber door, your ideal choice is a composite door. Composite doors combined the aesthetics of a traditionally painted or varnished timber door, with great life expectancy and very little maintenance.

composite door

So what are the benefits of modern composite doors?

  •  A composite door is highly resistant to weathering and is extremely low maintenance. Whereas timber doors require painting and varnishing every now and again, although composite doors look like they are made from wood, they need little more maintenance than a gentle wipe over with a cloth and some soapy water when they start to appear dirty. Unlike some timber doors, there is no risk of composite doors splitting, warping, cracking or rotting. 
  • Composite doors are proven to be more energy efficient than other styles of door, therefore helping you to save money on your heating bills. They can also help to block out sounds of the outside world, which can be hugely beneficial if you live in a busy street or next to a major road.
  • Composite doors are extremely solid, robust and able to withstand knocks and bumps. This helps to make them far more secure than other doors, which is a particular benefit if you live in an area with a high crime rate or have many valuable possessions in your home. As well as being thick and strong, a composite door also uses a multi-point locking system, keeping the door secured to the frame in many places and making it much harder for intruders to break in.

For a great looking door that is guaranteed to last, without having to break the bank, composite doors are by far the best option, taking some of the key characteristics of timber and uPVC doors, but with added benefits.

To find out more about composite doors, you can visit the We-Fit UK website.

Monday, 13 October 2014

The Benefits of Integral Blinds for Your Home

If you live in an urban environment where houses are close together and streets are busy, it is easy to feel like your home doesn’t give you enough privacy as noises from outside penetrate your windows, along with the eyes of neighbours and passers-by. Many people choose to put up blinds to ward off intruding eyes and to keep out the glare of the sun, but traditional blinds are easily broken, and often difficult to keep clean and maintain.

With integral blinds, you needn’t worry about these problems. Integral blinds, also known as integrated blinds are built in to windows. Whereas traditional blinds are merely fitted over windows, integral blinds are fitted between two panes of glass, creating a number of benefits:

First of all, integrated blinds are completely maintenance free. As they are integral to the window, fitted inside argon gas filled glazing, they are protected from the dust and dirt that traditional blinds are prone to attracting. Whereas some blinds can stain easily, and be difficult to clean without taking them down, keeping your integral blinds looking great is as simple as wiping your window.

As well as not requiring regular cleaning, integral blinds will not need any other maintenance that is common with traditional blinds. Most blinds are operated by cords or fiddly knobs, often they are damaged or broken by our human hands. Cords can become knotted, and plastic fittings that keep the blinds together are easily broken if you are too heavy handed when adjusting or cleaning blinds. Not to mention, integral blinds are also out of reach of children and pets, often the key suspects for any damages.

Integrated blinds are simply controlled by powerful, discreet magnets at each side of the window, removing the need for cords, wands or knobs. These magnets are designed to lift and lower, as well as tilt the blinds with a simple manual movement. As well as making integral blinds simple to use, the lack of cords makes them much safer, especially in a house with children where dangling cords could pose a danger.

Integrated blinds are excellent insulators, both for heat and sound. As the blinds provide an extra layer within double glazing, adding insulation, and deflecting heat back into the room, keeping your home at a steady temperature. As well as retaining heat, integral blinds help to reduce the UV rays that enter the room. Whilst traditional blinds flapping in the wind can be loud, integral blinds remove this noise, and help to block out unwanted noise from the street.

A further benefit of integral blinds is that they can provide increased security for your home. As well as making it harder for unwanted eyes to see into your home, hiding your valuables, integrated blinds can also make it more difficult to break into the window itself.

To find out more information on the benefits of integralblinds, you can visit the We-Fit UK website.

Monday, 15 September 2014

The Benefits of Composite Doors

There are many different styles of door that you could choose to install onto your home, however, it is important to remember that they are not all manufactured to the same standards of quality and security, nor are they built from the same materials. There are a number of reasons for these differences in quality, ranging from materials to the overall design. However, it is possible to find a great door that offers style, efficiency, strength and security.

Composite doors can offer the aesthetic charms of more traditional painted and varnished pine doors, however, they are much lower maintenance, with a greater energy efficiency and a much longer life expectancy. One of the most popular materials for composite doors is uPVC as it is very strong, durable and weather resistant, and as a result, it is more likely to stay weather tight and have little need for maintenance.

Rather than being manufactured from a single material, composite doors use a combination of different materials to ensure extra strength and durability, whilst retaining great style. The core section of a composite door can contain wood and insulating materials such as high density polyurethane foam, combined with steel reinforcements for the outer layers. Door skins can then be added to the outer layers of the door to give the aesthetic appearance of a wooden door.

Whereas traditional wooden doors can rot or warp, and will need to be painted or varnished fairly regularly, composite doors are strong, unlikely to warp and require little more maintenance than an occasional wipe over with a cloth and soapy water. However, the main benefits of composite doors are the highest standard of locking mechanisms and heat and sound insulation properties. Due to being made up of a number of layers, composite doors are thicker than most wooden doors and therefore are harder to damage and can withstand knocks and bumps.

As well as being strong, the thickness of composite doors also helps to keep heat inside the home as well as preventing cold drafts from coming in from outside. Understandably, this high energy efficiency helps to reduce energy bills, often to a significant account, as there is less need to turn heating on, or at least not for long periods due to this heat being retained within the home.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Benefits of Using Double Glazing Suppliers in Birmingham

When people are looking to make home improvements, one of the areas they may look to improve is the windows.  Even if they have double glazing, it may be old and not as effective as the new modern products on the market, so they may benefit from being replaced.  In addition to replacing the windows, it may also be worth replacing doors as they must remain secure at all times, helping to keep the property safe and to retain heat.
One of the major benefits of working with a double glazing company to replace doors and windows is that customers can take advantage of the latest technologies, for example, triple glazed windows are now available.  There are always advancements within this industry and customers can take advantage of the latest and best UPVC windows and doors when they buy from double glazing Birmingham suppliers.
Double glazing helps to keep the heat within a home and therefore can be very useful in helping to reduce household energy bills.  With less heat escaping from the building, it can also mean that home owners are able to reduce their carbon footprint, as they are creating fewer CO2 emissions.
As well as keeping the heat in, double glazed windows and doors also act as insulators, reducing outside noise levels. This can be particularly helpful for residential properties that are situated near to a busy road, or commercial buildings on an industrial estate or shopping precinct.  By being able to keep the noise out, double glazing allows people to get on with their work or their daily activities without being disturbed.
There is very little maintenance associated with double glazed windows and doors.  Most designs require no more than a quick wipe down with a damp cloth around the UPVC frames, and the glass panels can be cleaned with standard window cleaning products.  This can be done both inside and outside and takes very little time, making UPVC double glazing a popular choice for any property as little effort is needed to maintain it.

For more information on Birmingham based double glazing companies, you can visit the We-Fit UK website.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Do You Know The Difference Between An Orangery And Conservatory?

For those people who want to make home improvements that will make their home bigger, there are several different things they can consider.   One is having an extension, the second is converting the garage or loft area into a habitable room and the third is having a conservatory.  A uPVC conservatory allows a great deal of light to come into the house as well as providing warmth all year round.  Many people may also be considering an orangery, but what is the main difference between orangeries and conservatories?

Well the answer is quite simple in that it is really only the roof that sets an orangery apart from a uPVC conservatory.  The framework, base and glazed window panels are pretty much the same as on a conservatory, but the roof appears to be quite different.  The roof on an orangery is much smaller and does not usually peak for the entire roof area – rather a flat roof is installed around the edges and then a smaller peaked roof is installed in the middle of the roof area.

The advantages of having an orangery rather than a conservatory is that it reduces the amount of glass and translucent material and thus may provide better insulation.  This may mean that an orangery is a better option for a room that can be used all year round as it may be warmer in the winter months than a conservatory.  However it may be best to consult a specialist in conservatories who can advise you on what would best suit your needs.

Traditionally orangeries were first used in the 16th century when European aristocrats would collect citrus trees – orangeries provided the perfect climate for these fruit trees to grow in the colder climates.  When orange trees began to be imported from Italy in the 17th century the idea of the orangery really took off as it provided a way for keen gardeners to protect their trees from the harsh winters.

When you step inside an orangery it does seem to have more of a sense of grandeur than a conservatory which may explain why they are becoming so popular again – and not to cultivate fruit trees this time! 

If you are interested in adding value to your home by installing a conservatory, why not visit the We Fit UK website in order to find our more information? 

Friday, 13 June 2014

How Does Double Glazing Improve Energy Efficiency?

In order for a property to be as energy efficient as possible, it is important to try to keep as much heat in as possible, preventing the need for extra heating. One of the main ways that all properties lose heat is through their windows, however, installing windows with double glazing, or even triple glazing can help to keep your home warmer in the cold months and therefore more energy efficient.

So how does double glazing work? Rather than a single pane of glass, double glazed windows consist of two sheets of glass with a gap of around 16mm between them. This gap creates an insulating barrier which helps to keep heat in. Oftentimes, the most efficient double glazed windows use gas to fill the gap created between two panes of glass. In most cases, the gases used are argon, krypton or xenon.

Although it is possible to buy triple glazed windows, they are not necessarily more energy efficient than double glazing. The easiest way to find the most energy efficient windows is to look for windows that carry the A-Rate energy efficiency label. As of October 2010, all replacement windows are required to have an energy efficiency rating of at least C, however, it is always best to look for A-rated double glazing. This energy label takes the whole window into account, including the frame and glass, assessing the window for its efficiency at retaining heat.

If you are looking for a Birmingham double glazing installation company, the easiest way to ensure that your windows are fitted to the best possible standards is by choosing an installer that carries the trust mark for Government Endorsed Standards. If an installer carries this mark, you can expect them to be experienced in carrying out installation work with care and precision. Many Birmingham double glazing installation specialists may also provide other services such as energy efficient door fitting, conservatories or other glass work.

By choosing A-rated double glazing, you can stand to see a number of benefits, including smaller energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint, as well as fewer draughts and colder areas in your property. To find more information on double glazing and Birmingham double glazing installation companies, you can visit