Friday, 11 July 2014

Do You Know The Difference Between An Orangery And Conservatory?

For those people who want to make home improvements that will make their home bigger, there are several different things they can consider.   One is having an extension, the second is converting the garage or loft area into a habitable room and the third is having a conservatory.  A uPVC conservatory allows a great deal of light to come into the house as well as providing warmth all year round.  Many people may also be considering an orangery, but what is the main difference between orangeries and conservatories?

Well the answer is quite simple in that it is really only the roof that sets an orangery apart from a uPVC conservatory.  The framework, base and glazed window panels are pretty much the same as on a conservatory, but the roof appears to be quite different.  The roof on an orangery is much smaller and does not usually peak for the entire roof area – rather a flat roof is installed around the edges and then a smaller peaked roof is installed in the middle of the roof area.

The advantages of having an orangery rather than a conservatory is that it reduces the amount of glass and translucent material and thus may provide better insulation.  This may mean that an orangery is a better option for a room that can be used all year round as it may be warmer in the winter months than a conservatory.  However it may be best to consult a specialist in conservatories who can advise you on what would best suit your needs.

Traditionally orangeries were first used in the 16th century when European aristocrats would collect citrus trees – orangeries provided the perfect climate for these fruit trees to grow in the colder climates.  When orange trees began to be imported from Italy in the 17th century the idea of the orangery really took off as it provided a way for keen gardeners to protect their trees from the harsh winters.

When you step inside an orangery it does seem to have more of a sense of grandeur than a conservatory which may explain why they are becoming so popular again – and not to cultivate fruit trees this time! 

If you are interested in adding value to your home by installing a conservatory, why not visit the We Fit UK website in order to find our more information?