Monday, 13 October 2014

The Benefits of Integral Blinds for Your Home

If you live in an urban environment where houses are close together and streets are busy, it is easy to feel like your home doesn’t give you enough privacy as noises from outside penetrate your windows, along with the eyes of neighbours and passers-by. Many people choose to put up blinds to ward off intruding eyes and to keep out the glare of the sun, but traditional blinds are easily broken, and often difficult to keep clean and maintain.

With integral blinds, you needn’t worry about these problems. Integral blinds, also known as integrated blinds are built in to windows. Whereas traditional blinds are merely fitted over windows, integral blinds are fitted between two panes of glass, creating a number of benefits:

First of all, integrated blinds are completely maintenance free. As they are integral to the window, fitted inside argon gas filled glazing, they are protected from the dust and dirt that traditional blinds are prone to attracting. Whereas some blinds can stain easily, and be difficult to clean without taking them down, keeping your integral blinds looking great is as simple as wiping your window.

As well as not requiring regular cleaning, integral blinds will not need any other maintenance that is common with traditional blinds. Most blinds are operated by cords or fiddly knobs, often they are damaged or broken by our human hands. Cords can become knotted, and plastic fittings that keep the blinds together are easily broken if you are too heavy handed when adjusting or cleaning blinds. Not to mention, integral blinds are also out of reach of children and pets, often the key suspects for any damages.

Integrated blinds are simply controlled by powerful, discreet magnets at each side of the window, removing the need for cords, wands or knobs. These magnets are designed to lift and lower, as well as tilt the blinds with a simple manual movement. As well as making integral blinds simple to use, the lack of cords makes them much safer, especially in a house with children where dangling cords could pose a danger.

Integrated blinds are excellent insulators, both for heat and sound. As the blinds provide an extra layer within double glazing, adding insulation, and deflecting heat back into the room, keeping your home at a steady temperature. As well as retaining heat, integral blinds help to reduce the UV rays that enter the room. Whilst traditional blinds flapping in the wind can be loud, integral blinds remove this noise, and help to block out unwanted noise from the street.

A further benefit of integral blinds is that they can provide increased security for your home. As well as making it harder for unwanted eyes to see into your home, hiding your valuables, integrated blinds can also make it more difficult to break into the window itself.

To find out more information on the benefits of integralblinds, you can visit the We-Fit UK website.