Monday, 17 November 2014

Why Should You Choose Composite Doors For Your Property?

If you are looking to update the exterior doors of your home or property, there are many things to consider and of course, there are many different styles of door to consider. Until you get around to choosing new doors, it may not even have occurred to you just how many choices there are to be made. So what type of door do you want for your home.

uPVC doors are extremely common in the UK and are relatively cheap compared to other styles of door, however, they are still available in many different styles, finishes and colours to suit your individual taste. uPVC doors can be tailored specifically to your home by means of adding different styles of glass panels and windows, as well as a vast choice of furnishings, such as door handles, knockers and letterboxes.

Timber doors have been used for thousands of years and have many benefits, not to mention, adding considerable traditional charm. If looked after properly, timber doors are expected to last for tens of years, depending on the location of your home, and how regularly the wood is treated and varnished. In addition to longevity, timber doors can also be easily repaired, and act as the best natural insulator, helping to keep heat indoors in the colder months, and can be painted or stained any colour of your choice.

For a modern door that also adds a more traditional charm more commonly linked to a timber door, your ideal choice is a composite door. Composite doors combined the aesthetics of a traditionally painted or varnished timber door, with great life expectancy and very little maintenance.

composite door

So what are the benefits of modern composite doors?

  •  A composite door is highly resistant to weathering and is extremely low maintenance. Whereas timber doors require painting and varnishing every now and again, although composite doors look like they are made from wood, they need little more maintenance than a gentle wipe over with a cloth and some soapy water when they start to appear dirty. Unlike some timber doors, there is no risk of composite doors splitting, warping, cracking or rotting. 
  • Composite doors are proven to be more energy efficient than other styles of door, therefore helping you to save money on your heating bills. They can also help to block out sounds of the outside world, which can be hugely beneficial if you live in a busy street or next to a major road.
  • Composite doors are extremely solid, robust and able to withstand knocks and bumps. This helps to make them far more secure than other doors, which is a particular benefit if you live in an area with a high crime rate or have many valuable possessions in your home. As well as being thick and strong, a composite door also uses a multi-point locking system, keeping the door secured to the frame in many places and making it much harder for intruders to break in.

For a great looking door that is guaranteed to last, without having to break the bank, composite doors are by far the best option, taking some of the key characteristics of timber and uPVC doors, but with added benefits.

To find out more about composite doors, you can visit the We-Fit UK website.