Tuesday, 13 January 2015

4 Great Reasons for Choosing Casement Windows

When you decide to update the uPVC double glazing in your home, as well as improving energy efficiency and security, you could also look to change the appearance of your property. A simple way to change the look of your home is to change the style of windows; for example, if you currently have sash windows, you could instead choose to go for casement windows, instantly giving your home a different appearance. Casement windows are attached to their frame by one or more hinges, often at the side, and can be held open using a casement stay.

So why choose casement windows for your home?

  1. Due to their slim frames, casement windows maximise the area of glass in your windows. This has the effect of allowing more light into your home and making your rooms feel more spacious, as well as giving you a better, clearer view of the outdoors that you don’t get from styles of window where the glass is divided by muntin bars (strips that divide panes of glass in one window). As well as making a difference to the interior of a property, casement windows also create a subtle, unobtrusive appearance from the exterior.
  2. Most windows can only be opened a certain distance; double hung windows only allow the lower half or upper to be opened, but never both halves, and sliding windows are usually fixed at one side of the window, with the other side sliding. Many windows will only crack open partially. This is not the case for casement windows, which can be completely opened. If the size of the opening of your windows is important to you, the casement style is ideal to replace your current uPVC double glazing.
  3. uPVC casement windows offer excellent security, giving you’re the peace of mind that it is much harder for thieves to break into your property. Compared to other styles of windows such as sash windows, where a pry bar can easily be slipped under the sash and lifted, casement window locks are embedded within the frame, making it extremely difficult for intruders to break into your home.
  4. If the wind travels along your house at an acute angle, most windows make it somewhat difficult to encourage any sort of air movement throughout your home. Due to the open sashes of an open casement window, air is funnelled into the house effectively, even when breezes are forced to travel at a difficult angle due to obstruction from other buildings or objects.
At We-Fit UK, our uPVC double glazed casement windows are all manufactured to achieve A and B grade energy ratings. All windows are reinforced by compound steel in order to achieve the best thermal performance, whilst maintaining excellent structural performance.

To find out more about casement windows and the specifications that we provide at We-Fit UK, you can visit our website.